New Ethics in Art

The programme directors Chiaki Soma and Kyoko Iwaki from the collective »Arts Commons Tokyo« are the first curators for »Theater der Welt« that are Non-European. Their bold programming concept challenges the existing norms of the Western art and cultural industry in multiple ways. In the wake of the pandemic, they see the need to develop a »new ethic« that establishes the concepts of care, nurturing and healing as further cornerstones of democracy, alongside social justice, voting rights and freedom of expression, minority rights, inclusivity.

»We live in a world in which everyone not only possesses the rights for care, but also, and more importantly, has the ethical obligation to participate in caring actions.«

Chiaki Soma, Kyoko Iwaki

What this means for post-pandemic art will be the subject of the work of some of the world’s most important representatives of the international performance and theatre scene in the summer of 2023 – making »Theater der Welt« an innovative and sensational cultural event, especially for a young and intergenerational audience and far beyond the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main region. Digital communication will also make it possible to experience the festival on all continents.

Outstanding international works of theatre will engage in dialogue with the diverse local urban societies, as well as with the glocal communities, connected both locally and internationally. Consistent green marketing is an important part of the festival: »Theater der Welt 2023« will resolutely pursue sustainability, diversity and inclusivity and thus set an example, both in the programming of events and in social discourse. This means, among other things: Conserving resources, minimising CO2 consumption, optimising transport routes, removing barriers and obstacles wherever possible. Be transparent. Open the doors to the world.