The Big Auction

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16 Juli:


The Big Auction

El Warcha

El Warcha, which means workshop in Arabic, is a collective and a maker space founded in 2016 in the medina of Tunis, Tunisia. It aims to promote hands-on education and civic actions through the making of temporary urban furniture, art installations and public events with local inhabitants. In 2022 El Warcha was invited to Documenta 15 where they presented their installation “Clever ways of stacking chairs” at the Fridericianum.Their work is currently part of Vitra collection, the Utrecht Centraal museum as well as kept in private collections internationally.

Building the Workshop

El Warcha was invited by “Theater Der Welt”  to present their work in the Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt. They proposed a playful installation based on the idea of “Adventure playground” and developed most of the artwork as part of participatory workshops with school classes from all over Frankfurt and the surrounding area. 

Some elements presented were first showcased at Document 15. The new work developed for this show, uses everyday objects and recycled material sourced with support from partner organization MFA “Material Für Alle”.

Auctioning Off the Workshop: Building the Future 

One main objective for the auction is to deliver the objects to school classes, youth centers and communal spaces in Frankfurt and Offenbach. They can make a wish list so you can make it possible that the object of their choice is brought to them. The profit will support the work of El Warcha collective in Tunisia. El Warcha operates as a community run workshop in Tunis and relies on international support to continue developing projects with young people. 

All interested parties are invited to bid either to acquire a piece or sponsor its donation to a local school or youth organizations. 

Curious? Write to us and we will send you a list of all objects with a photo, the size dimensions and a recommended price. Of course, you can also just drop by and watch the auction.

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