ITI Prize 2023 Award Ceremony for Flinn Works

Grafik: Vor unifarbenem gelbem Hintergrund und einem weißen Dreieck, das einem Lichtkegel ähnelt, steht in schwarzen Versalien: Verleihung ITI Preis 2023 an Flinn Works. In der oberen Bildmitte, dort wo der Lichtkegel zusammenläuft, steht das Logo vom Internationalen Theaterinstitut Zentrum Deutschland.


08 Juli:


ITI Prize 2023 Award Ceremony for Flinn Works

In 2023 Flinn Works receives the ITI Prize. It is awarded annually as the “Prize of the International Theatre Institute” to honour and support the work of transnational artists in theatre.

Since 2009, Flinn Works has been producing documentary theatre in close collaboration with non-European partners, addressing pressing issues of a globalised world. With indepth research and the necessary awareness, they create plays at the interface of ethnology, music and documentary theatre that deal with questions of power and responsibility from multiple perspectives. Be it the examination of German colonial history (Marejesho Asili Mila Utamaduni Wetu, 2022; Maji Maji Flava and Skull X, 2016), access to resources (White Money, 2021; Fear & Fever 2019) or how transnational surrogacy is incorporated into a postcolonial economic system (Global Belly, 2017).

The prize will be presented by the Vice-President of the German ITI Centre Holger Schulze, Artistic Director of the Heidelberg Theatre.
The laudatory speech will be given by Franziska Werner, Artistic Director of the Sophiensæle Berlin.

On Saturday, 08.07., between the performances of Ultimate Safari (Flinn Works & Asedeva), the ITI Prize 2023 will be awarded to Flinn Works.

The ITI Prize 2023 Award Ceremony is part of the ITI programme at Theater der Welt 2023.