ITI Academy Week

Internationales Theaterinstitut

Grafik: Vor unifarbenem gelbem Hintergrund und einem weißen Dreieck, das einem Lichtkegel ähnelt, steht in schwarzer Schrift: ITI Academy Week. In der oberen Bildmitte, dort wo der Lichtkegel zusammenläuft, steht das Logo vom Internationalen Theaterinstitut Zentrum Deutschland.

ITI Academy Week

Internationales Theaterinstitut

The ITI Academy offers 20 emerging, transnational artists and curators the opportunity to participate in the one-year fellowship and mentoring programme. The focus is on the future of internationality, transnationality and diversity in the performing arts – in four modules up to the festival.

The Academy Week, which takes place during the Theater der Welt 2023 Festival at the Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt am Main, is the highlight of the ITI Academy. Curated by the Fellows themselves, the Academy Week is also a moment in which the Fellows can share their groundbreaking ideas with an interested public, enrich and initiate contemporary debates, art installations, artistic interventions and become visible as artists and curators. The Academy Week is thus also a lively platform for encounter and discourse in the Theater der Welt Festival, ultimately to reflect on the realisation of transnational collaborations in the Performing Arts and rethink and reimagine the role of international festivals and collaborations, their social and political function, their audiences and communities, and curatorial practices.

The Academy Week consists of an exhibition as well as performances, workshops and installations.

The Academy Week will conclude with the International Theatre Institute’s (ITI) annual public conference on Conflict & Care: dispute as a part of transformation within the performing arts and its institutionson 15 July. It is curated by Berfin Orman and Nora Tormann, Fellows of the ITI Academy, and organised in collaboration with the ITI. 

More information can be found in the Academy Week booklet.

 The ITI Academy Week is part of the ITI programme at Theater der Welt 2023.


09.7. | 10:00 – 18:00
11.7. | 12:00 – 15:00
12.7. | 12:00 – 20:00
13.7. | 12:00 – 15:00
14.7. | 12:00 – 18:00
15.7. | 10:00 – 18:00
16.7. | 10:00 – 12:00

ITI Academy Space, Museum Angewandte Kunst
Free Admission

Maíra Wiener

The short film deals with the history of the village Alt-Dettenheim and invites you into a world between reality and fiction, where insights about the villages ecology are gained and a fictional creature in the Rhine landscape is accompanied.

Duration: 22 min.
Language: German with English subtitles

©Maíra Wiener

Mariann Yar

The installation LANDSFRAU raises the question of how cultural heritage is passed on and uses the form of the archive to challenge stereotyped images of Afghanistan and to counteract a Western claim of objectivity by museums.

Languages: German, English, Dari

©Cornelius Reitmayr

Evelyn Hriberšek

The Mixed Reality Installation is a critical commentary on the human urge to overcome any limits by means of technological innovations – regardless of possible consequences for society and the planet.
This is a 1:1 experience! Please register for an Augmented Reality Slot:

Duration: approx. 15 min.
Language: German
from 16 years

In cooperation with and supported by: The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media,FFF Bayern, Bavarian State Ministry for Digital Affairs // Cultural Department of the City of Munich, ZKM | Center for Arts and Media, RODEO 2012 – The Munich Dance & Theater Festival, LfA Förderbank Bayern.

©Evelyn Hriberšek & Julian Rupp | VG Bild-Kunst Bonn 2023

Das Ende der Welt steht vor der Tür. Ist das ein kritischer Moment oder nicht?
Dora Yuemin Cheng

The video is made up of five short videos, which give a visual response to the question “The End of the world is just around the corner. Is this not a critical moment?” and question the legitimacy of “everyday life” in China and the world from a female perspective.

Duration: 26 min.
Language: German with German and English subtitles

©Silvan Hagenbrock

Shapeshifting Game – Movie
Prof. Dr. Leonard Cruz

The dance film is based on animism and was created during the COVID 19 Lockdown in July 2021. Cruz transforms into 5 different birds as the story is told. The film was a response to Asian Hate in the US and the struggles with our intersectional identities.

Duration: 6 min.
Language: English

© Prof. Dr. Leonard Cruz


Performances & Installationen

Hanna Launikovich & Laura Waltz

“Spellbound” is an immersive sound performance that suggests witchcraft as a feminist practice for healing, manifesting change and reclaiming one’s own body in patriarchal society.

Sat. 8.7 | 21:15

ITI Academy Space, Museum Angewandte Kunst
Duration: approx. 90 min. + DJ set
Language: English
Free Admission

©Hanna Launikovich/ Laura Waltz

Shapeshifting Game – Workshop & Performance
Prof. Dr. Leonard Arvisu Cruz & Sandra Krause/ Berfin Orman

In the performance Prof. Dr. Cruz explores shapeshifting into various animals and superhuman beings, incorporating animistic beliefs of transformation and healing. He shows ways to break stereotypes by illuminating the complexity of coloniser and colonised in his decolonial research and performances.

Prior to the performance a workshop allows children to transform into any animal, nature element or superhuman being of their choice experimenting with different materials.

Workshop for children
with Sandra Krause/ Berfin Orman and Prof. Dr. Leonard Cruz 

Sun. 09.7., Wed. 12.7. | 12:00
El Warcha Werkstatt, Museum Angewandte Kunst
Duration: approx. 60 min.
Language: German
Free Admission 

So. 09.7., Mi 12.7., Fr. 14.7. | 13:00
Basement, Museum Angewandte Kunst
Duration: approx. 30-45 min.
Free Admission

© Nina Alexis Padilla

Living Archive_Theater der Welt 2023
Hanna Launikovich

The “Living Archive” aims at documenting life impressions, feedback and highlights of Theater der Welt 2023, encouraging the audience to tune in with their sensations and archive themselves for future Theater der Welt editions.

“Living Archive_Theater der Welt 2023” is part of the exhibition “Unearthing, Unraveling, Unfolding
The Archive of Theater der Welt” and can be visited during the opening hours of this exhibition.

Languages: German and English
Free Admission

© Hanna Launikovich

Me & White Supremacy
Berfin Orman

The performance deals with the navigation within white institutions and global neoliberal realities of the arts and opens up a hopeful perspective on collective marginalized identities.

Tues. 11.7 | 13:00
Wed. 12.7 | 17:00
Thu. 13.7 | 14:00 

Theater der Welt Archive, Museum Angewandte Kunst
Duration: 30-45 min.
Languages: English and German
Free Admission

Anastasija Bräuniger

In 1977, NASA’s Voyager Mission fires the Golden Records into space, the contents of which are meant to represent humanity. The participatory installation invites us to linger and reflect – and to make our own suggestions about what we want to leave behind in the vast space above us.

Tues. 11.7., Thu. 13.7. | 16:00
ITI Academy Space, Museum Angewandte Kunst
Duration: 90 min.
Language: English
Free Admission

Jäckie Rydz

BABYLON is about babies or rather not breeding, but creating something entirely different in a church of trans-bodies that play mother, whore and bride on the altar. BABYLON gives attention to these people – who mean the world to us – and questions what is left when humanity is queer and on childbirth strike.

Thu. 13.7, Sat. 15.7 | 20:00
studioNAXOS, Frankfurt
Duration: 75 min.
Languages: German, Polish, English with English subtitles
Tickets at:

©Maurycy Stankiewicz for Nowy Teatr