Fliederfarbener Hintergrund, darauf in Lila das Wort: Sustainability.


We, the Theater der Welt 2023 team, endeavor to operate in a manner that is as sustainable and resource-efficient as possible for an international festival programmed by international directors. We attempt to integrate (above all ecological) sustainability in all aspects of our work to plan and stage the festival and to incorporate it within the […]

Die Kuratorin Chiaki Soma steht lächelnd vor einer Säule an der Treppe eines Backsteingebäudes. Sie trägt ein knielanges schwarzes Kleid, silberne Sandalen und einen auffälligen Ohrring an ihrem rechten Ohr. Durch ihre schulterlangen dunklen Haare ist das linke Ohr verdeckt.

Program Director’s Note

What does “Theater der Welt” mean and what is the term “incubationism” all about? What role do virtual and augmented reality technologies play in our festival program and to what extent is the latter likely to expand within the cities of Frankfurt and Offenbach and the digital space? Here, Chiaki Soma provides answers to questions like these.